A passion of mine # children’s yoga

IMG_4806 IMG_4807 IMG_4816A passion of mine is children’s yoga. At the moment I’m writing my bachelor assignment in pedagogic and it came natural to me to write on the subject children’s yoga. As a part of the assignment I created a bunch of illustrations to visualize the different poses/asanas. Today I had the chance to do yoga with a group of kindergarden children. It was a great success and I blame that on my passion for yoga and children.

A portrait of passion # Yoga

Unleashed ThoughtsPernille Angad Kaur Dybro-Kristensen.

The woman behind Dyb:ro:yoga

What is your passion? Yoga.

Which effects does this passion for yoga have on your life? Yoga transformed my life. Yoga made me into a co-creater of my life, which means that I surround myself with happiness and calmness. Yoga gave me this deep feeling of being calm and a solid grounding. Yoga was a realization of many things. A realization of my ability to pass passion, happiness, calmness and a grounded self on to children and adults on my way. 

Yogi in progress

By Unleashed thoughtsSo do you still practice yoga? I sure do! During the past nine months my progress in my yoga practice has been crazy. I went from being a beginner in august to participation on advanced lessons today. Yoga means the world to me, and as proud as I am about the progress, I’m just as proud about my way of being present and focused during the lessons. Yoga is just as much about personal development as it is about physical exercises.