Fall – moodboard

It’s September and fall is on it’s way. That is why I have made a moodboad, with all the things that inspires me this fall. The keywords are drama/education, horses/riding and bling bling/fall fashion.

Drama/Education: This fall started with Aarhus festival week, which I have written about before. These days we are performing with our shows at By i by (Town in town). It’s a huge success and it gives me a lot of great challenges.

Horses/horse riding: I have loved horses since I began riding at a riding school, when i was 12 years old. However I haven’t been riding for 3 years now and I miss it so bad. Therefore I have arranged to go look at a horse, that i possibly could borrow. It wold be a dream come true!.

At the same time, riding has become a part of fashion this fall. With long riding boots and riding inspired clothes. Could it be more perfect?!?

Bling bling: Another keyword in fashion this fall is “bling bling”. A lot of the clothes is decorated with it, to give the plain wool sweater a more glamorous look. I love this trend.

This is what I use when I create moodboards. Painter tape in different colors, my new wooden clipboard, indian ink and some patterned paper (this is with a birch motif). The images on the moodboard is torn out of magazines.


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