Visiting grandma Berta

A nice Wednesday morning is a livingroom full happy furniture swaying to a wonderful melody. Children are pouring in by grandma’s closet, knowledgeable helped by the scene agents, they find their seats among the other audiences.

I, a lamp dressed in gold, can only imagine how I would appear on stage and let me guide by the roaring laughter of the audience. Absorbed into this universe, I try to find the thoughts of the lamp.

I am a lamp that likes to be the center of attention, but only at the right time. Feminine and a bit perfectionistic, I am moving across the scene. I let me engulf by the romance and cannot help but dance, when the trumpet plays its tune.

When I stand there and dance, the audience disappears in the darkness and I am alone with the music that brings me around. Only when the light is strenghtened and the music is tempered, I wake up and find my place in grandma’s livingroom.


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