Yoga #1

I would like to share with you the benefits and thoughts that comes from practicing yoga. I have a great interest in psychology and I find yoga interesting in that matter. Yoga strengthens your mind and body in many different ways. I have gained some new knowledge about yoga, that I will transform into what I have chosen to call yoga lessons. It will be lessons about what yoga does for your body and mind and also lessons about the best ways to use yoga and the various positions.

The topic of todays yoga lesson will be yoga and depressions.

Before you start practicing yoga you should study the various elements it contains. The more aware you are of these elements the greater your gain will be. Therefore I will begin these lessons with some facts about the psychological benefits you can gain from practicing yoga and meditation.

Yoga and depressions

Many people in todays modern society suffers from depressions. Most of them are treated with antidepressant medication and some with psychological treatment too. However a Psychologist told me that yoga would be a great way to deal with depressions as well. I found that interesting and began reading about it. Here are some of the most useful information I found.

When you have a depression your head is mostly filled with negative thoughts. These thoughts will make you feel bad and therefore they are not wanted. This often makes you push these thoughts aside to try and think about something more pleasant. However this is not a healthy way to deal with them, as they will keep coming back. The question is now – how can I then deal with the negative thoughts?

You should allow yourself to think these negative thoughts and feel them. Allow yourself to think that you aren’t good enough, that you feel terrible and that you don’t want to do things. Let the thought rage until it cannot get deeper. You don’t have to seek it, it will come naturally again and again and every time you have to let it free, watch it rage and accept it.

When you are done letting the negative thoughts rage you should let the positive thoughts that might come to you get attention. the negative thoughts should be followed by a positive act. Do this by following any positive idea you might get. You will now be open to positive suggestions and your lust for life will eventually come back to you.

You might think; what does this have to do with yoga. The deal is, that yoga is about feeling yourself and your needs. This is not a method that will change your thoughts from day to day, but in the long run it will help you.

I hope this will be useful to you.


2 thoughts on “Yoga #1

  1. I tried Yoga for the first time the other day and it was SO hard! I’ll definitely keep trying, this was a very helpful post and these are tips we could all use in wester civilization.

    1. Exactly. It’s hard but afterwards you feel so good mentally and physically. Thank you for letting me know that this was useful, I will definitely keep blogging about it.

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