Yoga #2

I got the feeling that you liked my last post about yoga, which I’m very happy about, so I have made a new. This time I have chosen to write about one of the many yoga styles; Hatha Yoga. This is the style I practice and therefore the style I know the most about. I wont be writing about the positions (asanas) today but about the thoughts behind.

Welcome to yoga lesson nr. 2

Hatha Yoga

The word yoga means to unite. This refers to the fact that yoga is about uniting the body, mind and soul. It is a philosophy that embraces the entire life.

Yoga consists of eight elements

  • Yama – Self control
  • Niyama – self cleansing (both physically and mentally)
  • Asanas – The exercises and positions
  • Pranayama – respiratory exercises
  • Pratyahara – Not to be swallowed up by our senses
  • Dharana – Concentration on an external object such as a candle
  • Dhyana – Meditation
  • Samadhi – Spiritual insight and wisdom (the highest total goals in yoga)

I won’t dig into all these elements today – but it gives us an overall  picture of yoga.

Ha means sun and tha means moon. This is masculine and feminine energy and according to yoga all living consists of these two opposites. When we practice yoga, we attempt to strike a balance between these two differences in the body. The two energies represented by two sides of the body and the brain’s two halves. The right ha and the left tha.

Yoga is often a lifestyle. By regularly practicing yoga you will be more aware of what your body and mind need. The body’s natural signals wakes.


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