Yoga #3

Yoga and meditation are a good combination. Yoga works with your body and meditation with your mind. Therefore this yoga lesson nr. 3 will be about meditation and how you get into it.

Your meditation will be more successful if you set the right scene for it. Make yourself comfortable in the room you will meditate in. Light some candles, use a incense stick (It makes the experience more intense to me) and sit in a position that brings you most comfort over longer time. You can also lay down.

Meditation will benefit you if you feel like you are always in a hurry. It will “take you down on earth” and make you remember yourself and your needs. It will help you deal with the worries that may cloud up inside your mind.


When I meditate I use these thought to get into the feeling of it.

  • I imagine that nothing exists outside this room.
  • I do not feel bound to the outside world anymore and I am now free to explore myself.
  • I center my attention inwards, I attach the attention to the center of my forehead.
  • I experience the silence around me and inside me.
  • A sense of inner peace begins to fill me.
  • The waves of this peace washes gently against me.
  • My mind frees itself from its concerns and I get a feeling of lightness and content.
  • I’m back in my natural state of peace.
  • I sit here in a moment and enjoy this feeling of complete silence.

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