The Chopper Inside

I recently wrote about Julie Nord, her artwork and the helicopters. A few days afterwards I saw this piece, The Chopper Inside, which fits perfectly into the description I made of her way of integrating different worlds and icons into her artwork. In my mind you cannot see a piece of art without interpreting it, and I do it myself all the time.

When i interpret Julie Nords artwork, I always see the entire picture at first and then I see the details. The details are not always revealed in an instance, you have to give yourself time to explore and then you will experience the details which suddenly pops out. You could describe it as Where’s Waldo.

The keywords, which describes Julie Nords style in this picture are:

  • Amazingly detailed patterns (Here on the dress)
  • Fantasy objects (Here the absurd big and blue strawberries)
  • The pretty girl with empty eyes – a doll looking girl.
  • The cute against the scary (Her open stomach and an overall creepy feeling versus her pretty bows in the hair and the fact that she is a little girl with fairytale strawberries).
  • The chopper which seems to be out-of-place – Makes it a world within a world.


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