Masking tape DIY

The ways you can use masking are unlimited. So are the colors it comes in. This means that the only limitation is your imagination. I found these two proposals at a homepage about home decoration. (It’s in Danish)

DIY (Do It Yourself)

I also got my own idea to home decoration with humor. A rug made of dark blue masking tape. It makes a funny illusion and I love the idea of this. It’s very simple do make, and it only takes a couple of minutes. By the way – This is the cheapest rug on the market!

You need: Masking tape in your favorite color.

Create the rug in the size and shape you prefer.

The smart thing about masking tape is, that it easily comes off again. This means that you can make new funny things without worrying about it being permanent. This could of course also be a downside if you want your new creation to be long lasting.


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