I found these pictures from me and my boyfriends trip to France this summer. They bring back such great memories. I especially remember walking around the streets of Paris, with an umbrella which barely cowered us and the sound of the rain pouring down drumming on the umbrella. This is one of the most romantic moments we have had. I also remember being under the ground in the 28km long cellar of Moët & Chandon in Epernay. We walked past stacks and stacks of bottles filled with champagne, and each stack could easily contain 23.000 bottles, you would get dizzy just thinking about the amount of champagne and the work laid into stacking these bottles. Driving from Epernay to Paris was amazing (of course I could enjoy this because my boyfriend was driving). The French landscape with lavender fields, sunflower fields and the beautiful french houses which were all well-kept with flowers in pots and tidy gardens was more beautiful than I had imagined.



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