NorthSide 2013

Last weekend (the 14th to 16th of June) I attended NorthSide, an amazing music festival in Aarhus, Denmark, with my cousin and a bunch of her friends.  This is the third year I attend the festival (which is quite new and fast growing).

I have a long list of things I loved about it…

  • Great lineup
  • A positive audience – not a single fight this year is a good example
  • Strong values with regard to sustainability
  • Beautiful and fun way to create a festival space. With lounge areas, small playful activities. If you had a dirty, fun or crazy secret, you could share it on a postcard and later on you might see it on the big screens by the scenes. This gave us a good laugh while waiting for the next artists by the scenes.
  • An “outside” area to pull back and gain energy to party on.
  • The food selection were expensive but delicious (mostly organic and a good variety for vegetarians too) – The drinks were yummy too!
  • The audience at NorthSide had bad ass style! I enjoyed getting inspired by them fashionwise. They were playful, experimenting and beautiful. Trendspotters and street-style photographers captivate a lot of looks during the festival.

The combination of all these elements makes NorthSide very attractive to me, and I would absolutely recommend it.

The best memories

I had some amazing moments. Standing in the front row during Daughter, being absolutely absorbed by her and the music. Dancing on a pile of pallets with a view to the scene, where the Knife gives us everything they got. The experience of MØ was like a wild but too short-lived party – she is absolutely amazing. I could go on, but instead I want to show you some glimpses from the festival.

These were my favorite artists at NorthSide 2013


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