Becoming a yogi

The majority of my life, I have used sports as therapy. To me it’s a bonus that it makes me healthier, makes me feel body conscious and gives me energy, but the most important factor is the therapeutic effect. I will never focus on becoming the best or attending competitions, my goal is to give myself the best mental nourishment to improve my quality of life. However I will always seek improvement and challenges in every aspects of life.

Horseback riding and yoga has been the most psychologically rewarding sports I have known. As a bonus I find the two sports branches aesthetically beautiful. With the horse as a majestic powerful animal, which you can make an amazing bond with, and yoga as an elegant balance of strength and ease and positions which in a way makes you look sculptural.

I’ve been a rider since I was 12 years old, but in longer or shorter periods of time since I haven’t owned my own horse. At this point I have no horse to ride and although I miss it, I also long to explore the world of yoga. I have only worked with yoga at a beginner level until now, and I long to explore it in a deeper way. This need arises from a stressful everyday life but also from curiosity and the need of learning something new. I look forward to getting properly started and sharing my experiences with yoga and the psychologically aspects of it later on.


Yoga, here I come!


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