Yoga – inspiration and research

IMG_0925I have read a bit of my mom’s old book about yoga, tantra and meditation, in order to gain a greater insight into yoga and the philosophy behind. Or Philosophies to be more precise, because there are many varieties of yoga and a philosophy behind each variety. Reading this book was like stepping into the 70s. The pictures bear witness to a total immersion in the performance of yoga, an ability to live in the moment and a relaxed attitude to appearance. I had a good laugh but it was also inspiring in many ways.

Philosophies behind every variety of yoga

As I dug into the text, a specific variety of yoga caught me. Jnana yoga. In rough lines, the basic thought behind it is, not to provoke thoughts and feelings, but to be openminded and experience the present moment. To break free from old habits and understanding thinking patterns…Heavy stuff. Another option is Hatha yoga, which I have come to know through intro classes. Hatha yoga is based on two parts; consciousness and energy. Ha represents the sun, warmth, creativity and physicality and tha represents the moon, the cold, mentality and psyche.

Philosophy behind yoga

The mat

It’s hard to relate to, and imagine a sport with so much effect on the psyche. I believe that yoga is the sport which has been described the most from a philosophical perspective. This is due to the great importance of yoga in various ancient cultures and its link with meditation too.  I’m still experimenting and each intro classes I have attended has provided me with a smile, a bold sensation and physical and mental profit. So I sense that yoga will be rewarding to me in one or another level, when it becomes a regular part of my everyday life.


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