Human strength and frailty


The individual has never to do with another human being, without keeping some of his life in his hand. It may be very little, a passing mood, one gets to wither, or  awaken, a disapproval to amplify or withdraw. But it can also be an awful lot, so it’s simply up to the individual, whether the other’s life is going to be successful or not.

By K.E. Løgstrup (Danish theologian and philosopher) Bear with me, if the translation is poor.

This quote has a special place in my consciousness, when I work with children but also in general. Recently I wrote an assignment about inclusion and recognition, which both have a great importance in the work with, and the meeting between people. I think of these two concepts as values, views of human beings and ethics in stead of methods. They are deeply embedded in my professionalism and personality in general, and therefore ever present in my pedagogical work. It’s especially important to me not to define another person’s feelings or views on a given situation.


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