Be proud of what you do


Well I’m just studying to become a pedagogue…

  • I’m done responding this way when people ask “So what are you doing?”.
  • It may not be a well payed job, but it’s rich in many ways.

I’m also done with being annoyed when people ask “Do you play with children all day long then?”.

I get embarrassed despite the fact that I know the importance of my work and I know that people ask because they don’t have insight into the work of an pedagogue. Now I’m keen to recognise the importance of my work and be proud of what I do. So, what do I do?

  • I have a great deal of influence on other people’s lives. In this case children and young people. This means that I have to know what the outcome of my acts are and be able to take the child’s perspective. (Children in Denmark are institutionalised, which means that they spend the main part of the day in an institution such as a kindergarden).
  • I seek to make the perfect environment, and therefore I need to know the children’s needs and the political requirements.
  • I am clear in my ethics, my values and my view of humanity. It’s in the back of my mind when I’m around the children,  when I discuss professionalism with my co-workers and when I plan my work.
  • I need to be able to transfer theory into practice, learn from my mistakes and be adaptable.
  • I should be openminded to new theories and question my own practice.
  • Have a close working relationship with parents. Being able to guide them in an appropriate manner and let them know how I work with their children and how they can contribute to this work. I need to be honest but also constructive. It’s a delicate matter.
  • I need to be present and sincere in any relationship and know my power to define other people to be able not to do so.

I could go on, because  this is my passion. I’m proud to be able to put a mark on their lives and make them ready to the next step in life. It’s worth every minute when I see a positive outcome of my work and the children benefit from my efforts. So next time someone asks me what I do I will proudly tell them, that I study to become a pedagogue.



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