Treat yo self


…by grabbing on to the treasures right in front of you.

Lately I have spend way too much time in front of my computer, checking Facebook, writing with people in stead of talking to them, watching other people live their lives in stead of getting up and living my own.  It has become a bad habit of mine, and it’s connected to being stressed, being surrounded by lots of people at my internship (a kindergarden) and also being introvert. The negative circle became clear. I felt overwhelmed by all the people I had to relate to , and I needed to be alone when I came home. However this made me feel lonely, because I didn’t spent time with the people I care about and needed to see by choice. So I turned to Facebook, where I somehow could feel closer to them, by reading their updates and watching their photos. Now I see that this just made the feeling of loneliness grow.  farver

håndI needed to connect with my self again. Feel my needs and my passions. I could only do this by turing off the computer, forcing myself to act. I only had to look around for a minute then I knew what to do. Be creative. So I sat by my desk, found my color pencils, my wooden hand and thought. Why not challenge yourself? Set a goal you know you can reach if you make an effort. One of the things that makes me happy is doing things I feel passioned about while learning new skills. I’m not good at drawing but I would like to become better, so this was a great opportunity. This is the outcome (The quality of the photo is poor, sorry).

øvelseThis gave the day a good direction. I kept my own needs in mind and cared about doing something special to feel good. It made me smile, gave me new energy and peace of mind. I find creativity, being in nature, yoga, reading, blogging and horseback riding the best activities for me. From now on I will focus on treating my self well, doing things I’m passioned about, exploring new ways of life and keep to a positive mindset. I think this will make me enjoy my own company more and reduce the feeling of loneliness whenever I’m alone. This is important, especially if you are a an introvert person, who needs time away from others.

I hope you will do the same if you recognize the feeling of loneliness and the tendency to hide behind a computer.



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