I got rolfed

A week ago I got an offer I could not ignore. A session of Rolf therapy. However I had to do some research before I said yes, because I didn’t have the slightest idea what this is. So I did my research and found that Rolfing is about body posture, easing specific pain and soft tissue manipulation. To an upcoming yogi like me, this was a great opportunity to become more body conscious and flexible; so I jumped into it.

I went to the session and got surprised. It was everything and more than I had hoped for. We started out talking about my thoughts and expectations. I mentioned that I have a tendency to sway with my back and that I cannot find a comfortable position for my neck/ head when I go to sleep. The therapist, a very professional, warm and trustworthy guy invited me into the thoughts behind Rolfing. How body postures are connected with feelings and how the body parts are connected with each other. With this in mind and because of the therapists professionalism I could open up and tell him what went on inside my head. The therapist used the informations in an elegant way. He didn’t jump to conclusions but let me reflect and talk about the connection between my body and my mind.

This conversation was going on while I got soft tissue massage. A massage that in some ways is painful, but it works at a pain scale from 1-10. The therapist asked me to say stop, whenever it became too much. He worked at the neck and chest area. I could literally breathe deeper afterwards. I experienced another important thing Rolf-therapists focus on; the relation between our body parts and the way they are connected. As he massaged the upper part of my neck he made me move my eyes from the left to the right and back again. I saw how the pressure from his fingers on my upper neck, made my eyes jump where they used to slide easily from side to side. I was stunned by this.

Afterwards he looked more closely at my way to stand. He asked me to make some slight adjustments, which made my back sway disappear. It will take a while to get this new way to stand into the backbone, but eventually it will come naturally to me. Normally you get 10 sessions, but since I’m studying and this is an expensive venture, I will keep to this one session for now.

This session left me with a feeling of being light, wiser on myself and my body. As I walked into the streets I took a deep breath and promised myself that this wasn’t the last time I got rolfed. Whenever I get the opportunity to step into this world again, I will.



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