I’m gonna take a gong bath…

….yeah you heard me, a gong bath.

Recently I decided to participate in a workshop to be held in August. A workshop called Relax & renew with kundalini yoga, chanting, meditation, relaxation and as icing on the cake.. a gong bath. This will be the perfect start of my summer holiday.

So, what’s a gong bath anyways? I had no clue before I did some research. And I found that a gong bath is deep relaxation, where the gong is played and the waves wash over your body. The sound waves coming from the gong are difficult for the human brain to follow, and you can let go, you will be able to get into a deep meditative state.

What does the sound waves do to us?

I found this guy at Youtube, and he has a brilliant way to describe the philosophies behind the gong. So I’ll let him do the talking.


I look forward to this just as much as I look forward to the yoga part of the workshop. Why? Because it sounds awesome. The idea of improving your mental energy level through sound waves is simply amazing. I’m very curious about this and I look forward  to step into this world of sounds.

I Believe this will release me from some of the stress and concerns everyday life causes and give me a healthier frame of mind. Relaxed, renewed and ready for a period in my life with exams and new challenges.

I will tell you all about the workshop and the gong bath later on in August.


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