Street style

Street style

Bill Cunningham

My all time favorite street style photographer is Bill Cunningham. A man on his bike with an old camera hanging around the neck, riding the streets of New York. Capturing the trends of these streets and sharing them with people all around the world. He is not interested in who but what, he does not hunt faces but looks and stories. This is one of the reasons for my great respect towards him. The movie Bill Cunningham – New York illustrates his work in a fine and touching way.

Find some of his shots here:

Le 21éme

One of the street style blogs I adore is called le 21éme. Oh sorry, it’s NOT a street style blog. To use the photographers own words, it’s a photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion from cities and Fashion Weeks around the world. And he does the job perfectly. I’m stunned every single time I take a look at the page. The technique and sense of capturing both clothes and moods amazes me. This is also where I find inspiration for my own outfits.

This is where it happens:


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