Heat wave

By Unleashed thoughtsI’m lucky! The heat wave is coming to my fitness center – the place where I go into my “yoga bubble”. Now it’s gonna be hot, because the heat will be turned up and the sweat will drop. Those of you who practice yoga will maybe think “Bikram” and so do I. It’s very close to be like bikram, the difference is in the temperature which will be 37° and not 40º. I’m very exited to try this and I have high expectations. I will try It in a couple of weeks, so I will be back with some words about the experience.

“Heat wave” flow yoga

  • The room will be heated with infrared radiation witch will heat up muscles and joints from within
  • The body will gain a faster and deeper warmth witch will show on the flexibility.
  • The deep muscular warmth will help the body with segregating the waste materials.

This is just some of the benefits they promise with heath wave flow yoga, so I look forward to it. I believe I need to drink a lot of water during the day before the class!



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