I love

Creativity. Black. Gold. Yoga. . Black and white photographies. Berlin. Attention. John Irving. Tea. Arizona ice tea. Julie Nord. My family. Horses. Old movies. KENZO. Champagne. Paris. Romance. America. Sex. Bananas. Fashion documentaries. Bathtubs. Almond oil. Graffiti. Festivals. Skaterboys. Dark haired men. Suits. Curls. Audrey Tautou. Copper. Mens perfume. Daydreaming. Passionate people. Dark chocolate. Soft towels. Night. Laughing. Oh Land. Crunchy food. Blogging. Close friends. Adventures. Pop. Making collages. Shopping. Stine Goya. Games. Interior design. Crazy shoes. Listening to others. Nasty Gal. Flow. Children. France. Art with humor. Dogs. Soap bubbles. Guys with long hair. Vanilla fudge. Excitement. Clean sheets. Chanel. Slowmotion. Drinks. Liquorice. Plays. Traveling. Roller-skating. Prison documentaries. Details. Cooking. Pomegranate. Sharpening pencils. Lucky Luke. Orchids. Candles. Honesty. Dancing. Sunsets. Dressing up. Nature. Marshmellows. Trashy tv. Foxes. Barbie. Reading blogs. Fallulah. Mixing patterns. Optimism. Leather. Fairtrade. Braids. Dining. Loyalty. Powerful women. Wet hair. Comedies. Cinnamon. Bare feet. Birch woods. Cupcakes. Fairytales. Success. Love. 


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