Himmeli DIY

Make  beautiful gems to decorate your home with. This is a Finnish tradition and the gems are called Himmeli.

You need:

  • A pair of sciccor
  • Straws. 4 pieces of 10 cm and 8 pieces of 5 cm.
  • Thread (and needle if needed).
  • A ruler.
  1. Cut a length of thread about two feet/60cm long. Thread your needle and string four pieces of straw on your thread, almost to the end of your thread.  Once you’ve added four pieces of straw, tie a double knot at the top, using the end of thread you left out and the working thread.
  2. Add two more pieces of straw to your working thread and tie to the bottom of your himmeli to secure. Add two more pieces of straw and tie thread to the top to make four sides. Remove your needle and trim all threads.
  3. Connect the sides. Make a new piece of thread, about a foot/30cm long, and tie on one of the sides where the two pieces of tubing meet. String one piece of straw in between the two sides and tie to the next side in the same spot. Continue until all sides are connected. Trim all threads.
  4. Add a piece thread in your preferred length and tie it to the top of the himmeli if you want to hang it from the ceiling.



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