I love

My readers. Den stora Nordiske Malebok. 2. Blueberries. Notebooks. Instagram. Babies.  Creativity. Flirting. Imperfection in others. Perfection in me. Red Riding Hood. Lana Del Rey. H&M. Luxury. Mojitos. Electronic music.  Walking. Guinea pigs. 4. Rainbows. Leopard pattern. Handwriting. Kids. 8. Appreciation. Alice in Wonderland. Washi tape. Dunkin Donuts. WoodWood. Reflections. Sushi. My birthday. Spring. Vintage. Smokey eyes. Passion fruit. Vanilla fudge. Candy floss. Natural beauty. Having fun. Øst for Paradis. Speaking french. Adventures. Being surprised. Forgiveness. Psychology. The smell of a wet forrest. Love.


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