Skater boys #1

Unleashed ThoughtsUnleashed ThoughtsUnleashed ThoughtsUnleashed ThoughtsUnleashed ThoughtsUnleashed ThoughtsI met these skater boys when I was out shooting some street photos with one of my favorite girls. We walked past them and the boys were quick to throw some comments after us from behind the fence. They looked rather cute, but would we go up there? We walked on, but I knew I was passing a chance of getting some cool shots. Despite my shy nature I walked back to them, got up the stares and faced them. They were not less cute close up, and my heart was pounding so fast. I hear myself ask them, If I could take a look at their skills and get a few pics. They got rather shy but gave me a great show. I like skater boys even more after this experience. They are more gentlemen and less badass, then I pictured in my head. I will definitely come back again.


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