Why not a fashion blogger?

I adore french movies, and this little movie from & Other Stories is genius. Not only because they speak french, my favorite language, but because of the little story. I won’t say what it’s about, because that will ruin your experience. However I will say that it shows some realities. In a extreme way, but none the less it may speak to you as a blogger and as a young human being in a world where we are displayed in so many ways. A world where the thoughts “If nobody sees me, then my beauty is worthless. If nobody knows what I do, then it’s not important” may pop up in our minds. Unleashed Thoughts

This is the reason I chose not to be a fashion blogger. I didn’t want that focus. I wanted to make a blog that draw a picture of me. A picture of my passions and through my passions a picture of me. I love fashion blogs, but only those where it’s obvious that the person behind, is blogging out of passion and not out of an urge to be seen.

I do have passion for fashion, but not enough to create an entire blog about that subject. Instead my blog i filled with my creative work, photographies, posts about passionate people, music and my thoughts.


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