Collage #step by step

Find a background. I often search for a certain color, in stead of motive. This is a photography of a cloudy sky made pink. I copied the photography and reversed it to get an interesting motive. I look at the outcome of this and search for new motives in it. I quickly saw a face in these clouds. c600x453-4I then added a mouth to make the face “come alive”. The color of the lips matches the sky to make it integrated. c600x453-2The eyes are highlighted with gems, cut out from different items in the preferred color. This has a indian feel to it. c600x453The chins are highlighted as well, by using the same method as used on the eyes. As a finish I added Some golden details to make the indian expression complete. I use Polyvore to make collages, but you could also use old magazines and different materials. Your imagination is the limit. 

I named this collage “Face it”.

Have fun ♥


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