Unleashed thoughts #Facebook

Unleashed ThoughtsI bet most of you out there feel like I do. About Facebook. About that weird love/hate relationship most of us have to Facebook. We love to see what’s going on in our friends lives, we love sharing photographies of loved ones but especially of ourselves, we love stalking that guy/girl who is special to us. At the same time we hate to realize how much time we spend on nothing. Absolutely nothing. How we have friends we chat with on Facebook but never go see. How we suddenly care too much about what people think, how we can appear perfect, how we can make people believe that we have no problems what so ever. I sometimes have to remind myself never to take Facebook seriously. To talk to my friends, face to face, if I want to know what’s going on in their lives. To spend less time on nothing and more time on whats making a difference. Facebook is brilliant in some ways and awful in others. So please, don’t take it too serious.

I know these thoughts aren’t groundbreaking. Too me they are an important reminder none the less. I hope they will work as a little reminder for you too. I sound like an old lady, I’m not really. Have a nice weekend ♥


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