Black & white #Outfit inspiration

tumblr_n6tqq4KZd31qd8hm0o1_1280hannelicklove-aesthetics-relaxed-06693-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Jimmy-Q-Mercedes-Benz-New-York-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2014-2015_AKS65356772-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Before-Jil-Sander-Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2014_AKS4270love-aesthetics-tied-026778-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Carriageworks-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Australia-Spring-Summer-2014-2015_AKS1390Street style photographies by Tommy Ton, Adam Katz Sinding and two looks by Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics.

If you want to know which trends are hot at the moment, you have to get out in the streets. You have to go look for yourself. 


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