The wardrobe

My wardrobe could be described as small but rich. I tend to buy less and prioritize to buy something special. Less is more. This also means that I don’t have a lot of clothes I never use. I see opportunities in matching my clothes in endless ways and therefore I’m not sorry about the fact that my wardrobe is this small. 

Black, white and gold

I’m in a period where I mostly wear black, white and gold. My style is hard to describe, but I guess you could call me a punk parisienne. I like simplicity and few but strong details. I like mixing different materials in stead of different colors. So an all black outfit can be very interesting if you ask me.


I don’t buy a KENZO sweater because of the label in the neck, but because the design of the specific item screams “Cecilie”. This also means that me and my looks are never dictated by the trends of the moment. You will not see me in a bucket hat with WoodWood’s logo on it. I don’t find it flattering and therefore I won’t wear it. This also means that I don’t have the urge to change my entire wardrobe every year.

What I love about designer clothes is the amazing quality, which I crave. This and the fact that a simple item can be absolutely amazing because of the smallest details or the grand work of a complicated item. I love this feeling of luxury, I absolutely do. My budget just don’t allow me to buy more than a couple of expensive items a year. Therefore my designer items get’s more special to me and appreciated.

My favorite designers are KENZO, Gestuz, Alexander Wang, Chanel, Brian Lichtenberg and Acne.

I get inspired by the most feminine parisiennes, punkers, subcultures, people in the streets of Aarhus, men and so much more.


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