Why not a fashion blogger?

I adore french movies, and this little movie from & Other Stories is genius. Not only because they speak french, my favorite language, but because of the little story. I won’t say what it’s about, because that will ruin your experience. However I will say that it shows some realities. In a extreme way, but none the less it may speak to you as a blogger and as a young human being in a world where we are displayed in so many ways. A world where the thoughts “If nobody sees me, then my beauty is worthless. If nobody knows what I do, then it’s not important” may pop up in our minds. Unleashed Thoughts

This is the reason I chose not to be a fashion blogger. I didn’t want that focus. I wanted to make a blog that draw a picture of me. A picture of my passions and through my passions a picture of me. I love fashion blogs, but only those where it’s obvious that the person behind, is blogging out of passion and not out of an urge to be seen.

I do have passion for fashion, but not enough to create an entire blog about that subject. Instead my blog i filled with my creative work, photographies, posts about passionate people, music and my thoughts.


To be honest

I cannot sit still on my chair, I feel like something is bubbling inside me. Something I recognize and something I have missed. I rarely feel it as intense as I do at this moment, but there is no doubt. It’s back and I’m gonna enjoy every single second of it. Share it with my loved ones and use it to do more of that I want to do, to be the best version of me. To love.

It’s HAPPINESS. It’s pure and I will never take it for granded.

As I write this, a little tear finds it’s way down my chin. A tear of joy and appreciation. My happiness does not come easy to me. I fight to get here, fight through depression and negative thoughts. Hopelessness and frustration. This is why a feeling like happiness is a big deal to me.


Honest posts like this one may appear more frequently on the blog. I hope you will be okay with that. I also hope you will share your thoughts about it with me.