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A passion of mine # children’s yoga

IMG_4806 IMG_4807 IMG_4816A passion of mine is children’s yoga. At the moment I’m writing my bachelor assignment in pedagogic and it came natural to me to write on the subject children’s yoga. As a part of the assignment I created a bunch of illustrations to visualize the different poses/asanas. Today I had the chance to do yoga with a group of kindergarden children. It was a great success and I blame that on my passion for yoga and children.

Oh so quiet

Unleashed ThoughtsI’m sorry the blog isn’t as much alive as it use to be. I’m busy writing my bachelor assignment and must confess that it makes me less active when it comes to creating collages and taking photographies. So bare with me and stay tuned. I’m off to France this thursday and I will return will a whole lot of great shots (hopefully).