foto 3-8 foto 4-5 foto 5-5Dette er muligvsis den perfekte location for et outfit shoot. I hvert fald i mine øjne. Kontrasterne mellem natur og rå materialer, lysindfaldet fra den nedgående septembersol og farverne er helt perfekt. Her ville et all black outfit tage sig virkelig godt ud. Jeg er vild med små “hemmelige steder som dette.

//This might just be the prefect location. The contrast between nature and the raw materials of the building, the light from an autumn sunset and the colors are perfect. I would love to do an outfit shoot here, and I believe an all black outfit would be just right here. I love secret places like this one.


Moodboard #April

Unleashed ThoughtsUnleashed Thoughtsfoto-4foto 3
Let me present to you – The monthly moodboard. This is what I had in the making. Every month I will be making a new moodboard with persons, items, colors and random stuff which inspires me. I hope this will inspire you too, or at least that you will enjoy looking at it.

What, who and how?

This month I’m inspired by the danish singer Nanna Øland Fabricius. Actually I have been inspired by her since forever, but this month exceptionally beautiful photographies of her pops up in the social medias. I’m very into pastels, marble and black. This reflects on my home decoration and outfits. I’m hunting for the perfect sneakers and would absolutely  love to find the pair that will make me stand out. I’m watching Suits ALL THE TIME and I would like to dress up in some mens trousers and a quirky shirt. There is no spring essentials such as flowers, flowers is not my thing and never have been. Instead I love a blue sky with light, bright white clouds.